Well, its Tuesday, and the 23rd which is usually my lucky day – probably because that is the month date of my birthday (and no, I not giving the actual month or year, so just forget it!).

I met my ‘girl with no name’ today, and I always feel better after that. Its such a change when someone looks at you closely, and there is concern and affection in the eyes. Just unspoken understanding really; and I do not even know her that well yet. Maybe, just maybe, it will come to something. I know I want it to, and I feel she does. I’ve told her the ‘worst’ things about myself (well, I didn’t actually have to tell her, she was aware of it) and she knows I smoke and have the odd glass of beer. I also told her my true age; which maybe I should have left out as she thought I was at least 15 years younger than I was!

But enough said about that. I do not want any potential critics to find out about her and try to corrupt her feelings – which they almost certainly would do!

So that’s all I’m saying for the moment; but she certainly is very lovely.

Anyway, I felt a lot better after that. And when I got home everything seemed a lot ‘fresher’; maybe similar to the feeling you get after a short holiday and things just don’t seem so ‘familiar’, if that makes sense.

Some more book orders, so I dealt with those quite easily. Then there were a couple of emails to send which didn’t seem such a task. Still got a load of legal stuff to deal with though over a civil action; that is really not so funny!

But all said and done, it really has been a ‘lucky day’.


  • reply Columbine ,

    Hi David,

    Glad to hear that you met with your ‘girl without a name.’ You deserve some happiness, dear friend.

    • reply David Farrant ,

      Thank you Columbine; that’s what most people have said – except two females.

      One minute they’re saying that she doesn’t exist, and the next that if she does . . . “Maybe she’d recoil in horror if she knew the full story.”

      Well, this really proves my point entirely. That’s exactly WHY I keep her identity secret to protect her from such harassment and threats Not very Christian, is it?!? (Although I guess you could expect such senile remarks from one of them).

      Anyway, thanks again Columbine. It nice to know some people really do care!


      • reply Columbine ,


        Your lady sounds very sweet, and you are obviously fond of her. Never mind what anyone else says or thinks; it’s your life and her life, and maybe she is ‘the one.’ You’ll never know unless you go for it….’faint heart never won fair lady’ as the saying goes.

        I really do wish you lots of luck.


        • reply David Farrant ,

          Thank you once again Columbine,

          I don’t know what will happen. When I said she knows about myself, she does, but as a person as I am now. She doesn’t know about all the silly ‘vampire business’ and all the rest of it. (That’s why I got a little annoyed with Cat!).

          I really don’t know what’s going to happen (although I would tell you in private).

          Its strange though how some people would actually try and deny you happiness. What a world we seem to live in, sometimes filled with so much bitterness and deceit!

          Your friend’


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