Yorkshire Detective Stories …

Apologies are in order since I realise that I haven’t been keeping everyone up to date on the status of the Kirklees project. This is not because of any requirements for secrecy but simply because there hasn’t been any significant movement on complex negotiations taking place between the Consortium investors, the council members, and the dozens of various contractors that must be necessarily involved in a large project of this type. However my associates in Yorkshire tell me that some people (really, only one person in particular!) has been stirring the pot with wild speculation and rumours about this project as the result of her very clumsy and insulting “amateur detective work.” It follows that she has gotten some key details dead wrong, and I feel it’s only my duty to clear up at least some of gross errors of fact.

Some of you may recall that some weeks earlier on this blog I had reproduced correspondence sent me by a leading foundry in Japan, who just happen to be world renowned specialists in the reproduction of antique iron fixtures. A key component of the planned development at Robin Hood’s grave in Kirklees is the enclosure of the vast entertainment and cultural complex within decorative security fencing. The fence itself (over 3 miles of it) will be a faithful copy of the original Victorian iron fencing that now exists at the grave. Naturally at the time, the Japanese iron contractors name was obscured from the document for privacy reasons (and to discourage any “local mad women” or “bonky people” from calling them up and bothering them), however now that that bid has been superceded by another vendor, I can safely reveal the facts.




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