So what’s new on the paranormal front? A lot really, as things seem to be happening so quickly around here!
Another call from the lady in Potters Bar yesterday ( Thursday) who was quite distraught due to yet more paranormal happenings in her old Farmhouse. She has invited Della and myself to go up there for another visit on Sunday, and she has agreed that we can take some photographs in the old cellar again.
Her dog, Max, has apparently recently ‘attacked’ some ‘invisible entity’ in a corner of the basement, and is now unable to sleep without growling in his sleep. Anyway, more news on that after we have visited again.
Anyway, books are going well – another 3 orders today.
“Pact with the Devil” has apparently been immensely popular, and will now have to get another batch of 1000 or so printed to meet the demand. But at least that book has more than paid for itself in the initial outlay, and I am thinking of extending an additional chapter into it (by public demand) to explain the true involvement of the main character, and her duplicitous involvement with one who wears a teapot cosy as a hat, and another, who lives in the nether regions of Southern  Australia.
A lot more has been happening, so just watch this space tomorrow!

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