Welcome Janet – Please Do Stay!

Thank you for posting Janet in “She Was Truly Radiant” and welcome here (and I have answered you there).
Yes, it was a very enjoyable evening. I found it very relaxed and receptive and I think Jane conducted it marvellously, which I suppose only a woman can do from a woman’s point of view – if that makes sense! I just mean she was naturally more sensative to the ‘femminine side of things’, that’s all.
You may be pleased to know, that I have already started Vol. 2 and I’ll be sure to let you know well in advance when that’s due. Although I anticipate that won’t be until well into Spring next year as there’s so much work to do.
This won’t be a long Blog today – I’m pretty tired for one thing! and I’ve still got a fairly long way to go tonight.
So its more of a ‘welcoming Blog’! And please do stay!
For the moment though,


  • reply John Baldry's Cat ,

    Yes Janet, stay, and ask David probing questions.

    Here’s a question that I have always been curious (miaow) about, David. Back before Bonky went mad when you were both young mates about town, did he ever give you a gift on a holiday or birthday and such? Perhaps a book, a set of cuff links, a packet of cigarettes? Something?

    • reply David Farrant ,

      No Cat, never. He’s too mean to buy anybody a present. But back in 1971 he did widely circulate a Christmas card with my picture on the front, which cost him a visit from the CID following complaints from people. He was always doing things like that. In fact, he still is!


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