Interesting email from the editor of another glossy Spanish magazine. He asked me if I would do a feature interview on my occult investigations and my ‘beliefs into vampires’.

I told him maybe, but it would have to done by email so that I could answer any written questions. I really hate doing interviews like this as it takes so much longer than just answering questions verbally, but when it’s a foreign country, sometimes it’s the easiest way.

What often takes time up, is that I have to explain that there is no such thing as ‘blood-sucking vampires’ in reality, but that many genuine cases of ghosts and other psychic phenomena are often confused with these. Its strange really how my name has spread to different countries in connection with ‘vampires’, and the interest is obviously there or I wouldn’t get so many contacts.

He wants to use photographs, but agreed that that could come later. But they are no problem; can just get my friend D to send these.

I have checked the magazine out in my Willings press guide and it does have a huge circulation. And its obviously still going strong as my two editions of Willings date back to 1995!

So, it’ll be interesting to see the questions in writing, no doubt they will mention events in Highgate like they did in the other one last year.

Gareth is coming over later, so I’ll let him catch up on posts here and maybe he’ll want to answer something.

But I’m looking forward to another quiet day!


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