What a Weekend!

I am truly shattered.! Its been a really busy weekend – right through from Friday onwards.

To begin with, a Swiss publisher phoned up at the last minute (on Friday) to say he was still coming on the Saturday. People from French TV were also due who were promoting his books, and he confirmed they would still be arriving too.

Then it all seemed to happen at once!

Sure enough, on Saturday afternoon, the door-bell rang and I was greeted by a huge camera, in the process of filming as I opened the door.

God only knows what they made of the state of the place – although I had warned them in advance. But they didn’t seem to care too much; they just seemed pleased to meet me.

Then, two to three hours filming in my flat. I was not really prepared (not being sure if they’d actually turn up due to bad communication), but I made the best of the whole thing. I just sat in my favourite old chair and answered their questions.

The Swiss publisher came with them, but he was doing a separate interview for one of his new books.

There were all the usual questions; but they had done their research thoroughly and brought with them a load of newspaper and magazines (in French) that they wanted clarification upon.

“Is it true that this particular person had these particular political connections, and did he have a ‘real Church’?”, etc, was a main one; plus “Were ‘vampires’ really ‘real’?”,

“What was my opinion on people on people who really worshipped the devil, or who were ‘Satanists’?”, etc, etc. And so it went on. Over two hours of it!

It was quite tiring. But that’s just French TV!

But they had also read much of my previous work on the whole subject, so this made it much easier to explain some things.

Then yesterday, they wanted me to do a final ‘film shoot’ and I arranged fro them to collect me early Sunday afternoon. And guess who wasn’t ready then . . . Yes. Me!

I kept them waiting for some 20 minutes while I grabbed some tea and tidied up the room! Not deliberate, but I had genuinely got my schedule mixed up.

Not long after that, Gareth and Patsy turned up, and with all this, I had no chance to ‘put pen to paper’ (or ‘hit the keyboard’) before now.

I am still a little tired. But all the frenetic stuff is over now.

So I’m just going to relax now.

At least I don’t have to get up early in the morning!

For now,


  • reply John Baldry's Cat ,

    I assume the filmmakers made you trot about Highgate Woods like a circus horse. And on your gamey leg, too. Tsk. Tsk.

    • reply Craig ,

      hi david nice 2 c u back online

      a little birdie told me about getting ur books reprinted in a foreign language. care to explain that?
      also i thought u were fiolming on friday coming! have i been lied to dammit!!!!

      come onmate stop being secretive

      by the way have u met up with speedqueen yet?
      u were meant 2 meet her in march and its now april.
      speedqueen fancy meetingme at the same time?


      • reply David Farrant ,

        Just been very busy that’s all Craig. To add to that, had a small problem with the computer and quite frankly, I just didn’t have time to mess about with it. But everything’s fine now.

        You have not been ‘lied to’. A couple of my books are being considered for the French speaking market. Why do you think the TV were here as well as the bookpublisher?!

        And yes, I am doing some more location filming very soon for another company (English) and it could be as early as Friday.

        And no, you can NOT be present you obsessive sex maniac!

        I am a very respectable person and do not believe in that sort of thing!

        For now,


        PS It was not in Highgate Woods you dumb Cat. The filming took place outside Highgate Cemetery.

        • reply Craig ,

          sex maniac!!!!
          lol thats cat not me!!!

          he’s the one into boobs, babes and booze!!!!

          • reply John Baldry's Cat ,

            You are aware that Bonky often gets filmed outside of Highgate Cemetery too.

            Someday you and “he” – each with your film crew in tow – are going to bump into each other there!

            • reply Craig ,


              it’d be like a WWF wrestling match.
              that shouldve been a cartton.

              Five Times a Night Farrant vs Batty Bonky the Bogus Bosh Bash Bish
              with special refere the Highgate Vampire

              • reply David Farrant ,

                FOR CRAIG,

                I’m sorry Craig but your last comment accidently got sent to tye Spam box, and I don’t know how to retrieve it!

                I will do, but have to get K or C to help!

                Anyway, it wasn’t deleted.

                For now,


                • reply John Baldry's Cat ,

                  Ha ha. Craig got sent to Coventry!

                  • reply Craig ,

                    i’m phoning the belsixe banshee right now!!!

                    u censored me farrant!!!!
                    thats it im deleting the website and im going to write a book about you and how only i know the truth and how u took nude photos of my man boobs!!!

                    al i need is a yorkshirte mate and a hessian sack.

                    you’ll regret this farrant!!!

                    • reply David Farrant ,

                      No he didn’t you stupid animal! It was a genuine mistake, and I don’t know how to get it back at the moment.

                      Probably quicker if he writes his post again, then I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again.

                      If anybody should be ‘sent to coventry’ sometimes, its YOU! Preferably to a distant Galaxy!


                      • reply David Farrant ,

                        Yes. Good point!

                        But I wonder whatever to that threatened book?!

                        I know it certainly prompted me to write mine because of the ‘Bonky connection’, if you see my meaning.

                        So only the truth would have come out of the situation in the end. Otherwise I would possibly never have bothered!

                        Sorry about your post!


                        • reply Craig ,

                          shes putit back up!!!
                          yay BeeBee.

                          scroll up or in case u can’t be bothered, this is what i wrote.

                          Craig Says:

                          April 7th, 2008 at 9:38 pm

                          it’d be like a WWF wrestling match.
                          that shouldve been a cartton.

                          Five Times a Night Farrant vs Batty Bonky the Bogus Bosh Bash Bish
                          with special refere the Highgate Vampire

                          • reply Craig ,

                            i always doubted that stupid book david. anyone whos writing an internet book may as well forget it. no wonders bonkers put that daft aftermath book up. blokes proper obsessed with u.

                            cat u writing a book yet or what?

                            • reply David Farrant ,

                              Cat, you sometimes really are a basket full of trouble.

                              This is an edited version of what you just posted . . .

                              -”But I wonder whatever (happened) to that threatened book?!”

                              http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (MY EDIT)

                              “Here is a link in which the Batley Brat spoke about the book…..send it to Coventry if you like.”

                              Cat, the link leads directly to somebody’s name, and the title of their proposed book. It may have never have been published (as promised by the person concerned), but I will have to let K deal with this one!

                              You know my feelings about publishing proper names on here without permission (even although I appreciate the post/s ‘linked to’ are all a matter of public record).

                              So, I have allowed your post, but not the link for the time being.

                              If Karen chooses to allow it (which I doubt she will), then that is her decision of course.

                              But at least I have allowed your post, which admittedly may mean little without its deleted link!

                              I don’t know who’s worse sometimes – Craig or you!!


                              • reply David Farrant ,

                                “cat u writing a book yet or what?”

                                Craig, PLEASE, PLEASE. don’t put idea’s in the stupid animal’s Cat brain.

                                He’s enough trouble as it is!!!


                                • reply Craig ,

                                  MY LIFE WITH FARRANT…by cat.

                                  come on cat rite a few teste pages and publsh them for u all to see!!!

                                  • reply David Farrant ,

                                    NO CAT . . . DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!


                                    • reply John Baldry's Cat ,

                                      Sorry about the link there Farrant but I did want you to see the book plans of the Yorkshire hessian were reported to a news service last year.

                                      Who the hell is “a man known as Lord Birmingham, who claims to be descended from the poet Lord Byron.”? Is he……”him”?

                                      Craig, my book title will be “Basket full of Trouble – The True Story Of The Highgate Vampire – by John Baldry’s Cat (Stupsi)” !!!!

                                      • reply Craig ,

                                        I SAW THAT LINK AS WELL!!!!
                                        it had the same name as the book she was toutinglast year.
                                        that link to birminham was a lot older.

                                        i still havent seen or found any proof whatsoever to link him to bryon.
                                        load of shit if u ask me.
                                        fantasist walter mitty type of character.

                                        i want to publish underground comics like BBFC

                                        • reply David Farrant ,

                                          Actually, I’ve already seen the newspaper article about this, Cat, which I believe dates back to 2006. This North of England newspaper did indeed refer to a ‘Lord Birmingham’ (whoever that was meant to be) and this story had been submitted (and published) by the name I deleted – or rather, the link I deleted which led directly to this person’s name.

                                          A year later, this same person was advertising this same title up on the Internet; but this time the content (under the title) had been changed.

                                          Now the proposed book was to be all about myself instead!

                                          It seemed the person in question could just not seem to make their mind up!

                                          The person had suddenly ‘changed’ her original story, which is the main reason I do not give the whole thing any credence!

                                          As to your . . . “Craig, my book title will be “Basket full of Trouble – The True Story Of The Highgate Vampire – by John Baldry’s Cat (Stupsi)” !!!!

                                          Best of luck with it. But just don’t even think about publishing any of it here!

                                          For now,


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