Till Tomorrow . . .

Cheers everyone!

Won’t write too much tonight.  Went to an important meeting in London re. the future of Robin Hood’s Grave up in West Yorkshire.  Started at 10; didn’t finish till 6, so am quite tired.  No lunch break as such; we were just ushered to another part of the building to a small canteen and, to be honest, the cooked food wasn’t up to much.  But I had to go as several members of the consortium were there: that is, representatives of the people who were financing the development process.  Can’t reveal details at the moment, but all will become clear very soon.

Got back around 7 and Della was already in preparing the dinner.  After that I just collapsed on the bed and decided to have a couple of glasses of wine as a ‘nightcap’!

Speaking to a couple of Board members tomorrow and then I’ll see how much I can release on a Blog – if anything.  So we’ll have to see tomorrow.

Sorry if I haven’t answered any other queries today, but I’ll get all that in hand tomorrow.

So till tomorrow,




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