Those Were The Days!

Thanks for your post Roger and for the invitation.  I am not sure about that (the latter) right at this moment as there has been another development today.  If not possible we can make it very soon but I will get back to you on this tomorrow.  In fact, I am greatly honoured your family would want to meet this ‘wicked witch’ but I guess there can be some sensible people about!  I enjoyed talking about the old school with you.  Yes, you did remember some things about the girl’s school down the road, but I’d better not go anymore into that!  Anyway just for ‘old times sake’, here is a pic. you might remember.  From left to right: Peter, Ian, Bill and Stan with me underneath (as usual).  I did publish this pic. in my last autobiographical book actually, and just want to stress (for the sake of some ‘cowboys’ around on the Internet, it remains my personal copyright.  But those certainly ‘were the days’.  Not that I enjoyed the learning side of it all, but there was a bit of fun as well.

Well, here is the pic. anyway.  Might bring back a few more memories.  But there has been quite a bit a lot of interest in the last one (school pic.) which gave me extra incentive.

Be seeing you again soon whatever.

And don’t forget your post as well Clarmonde.

So just for the moment everyone that’s really all.  Better start looking towards bed as it is nearly 2.30 am.  (Wouldn’t care but I’m supposed to be up early in the morning).  But always time for a last glass of wine I suppose!For the moment


Me underneath!
Me underneath!

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