This Is Only The Beginning . . .

As Della has just pointed out in her latest Blog, we have just heard – rather re-heard – from several old friends recently.  There was Kenny, my old friend from the sixties and whom I mentioned in the 2nd Volume of my autobiography, but who we have not seen since since last September.  He is due to visit here again in the next couple of weeks.
Then there was Rob Mile; commonly known as Le Comte, but in reality a mad sasassenach from  Scotland  (which was originally part of the UK, lest we forget)) who is threatening to invade our flat and get us all plastered on Scotch whiskey.
But equally importantly,  last week we had another welcome visitor; our old friend Kev Chesham who had just got a two week break in the UK from his triathlon coaching in Southern Spain and Dubai.  We had not seen him since last August when he visited and he kindly gave us a filmed interview about his new book, putting across the truth about such ‘scandals’ as  ‘Basildongate’,   damsels in distress at local swimming pools in his role as a lifeguard;  his infiltration of a secret 3rd Reich group in England and subsequent findings which have filled his new book; and much, much else, besides.
Kev has just been instrumental in launching  his own Blog in which he says he has yet to reveal more about some ‘bonky individuals’ who all fit into the story.  The link to his new Blog is below and should interest many who have followed the Highgate vampire case with which he came to be so inadvertently involved.
So please tune in everyone.  There is yet much more yet to come.  This is only the beginning!

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