You know I didn’t mean to do a Blog again today folks; even us ‘witches’ get get tired sometimes!

But I’ve just noticed The Lone Stranger is back with Net Curtain Lurkers and some of it is highly entertaining.  Its a good job I’ve retained a sense of humour in this sad old world, or I probably wouldn’t think so!  But it is neverthelrss witty and funny, so just thought I’d let people know here.

Here is the link although it probably won’t come out in blue as I wanted.

(Gosh, it has! Miracles never cease).

Here is another pic. as well.  Just to guide you all on your way by candlelight!


Shsssh! Lets go take a look . . .
Shsssh! Lets go take a look . . .
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    I’m fed up with all the cut and paste arguments on my blog, so I’m going on strike! I mean it! I won’t post again until you and Bonky tell us what REALLY happened all those years ago.

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