Then May Be In Time . . .

A little bit tired today.  I was up till 8 this morning, so I suppose I’ve got an excuse!  Did go to bed after that, but couldn’t seem to sleep.  Sort of  ‘half slept’ till about 2pm, then gave up turning in bed,  and decided to retire to my armchair instead.  Still had a lot to do; not least going to the post office to post three of my books by RD.  But somehow I just couldn’t face the queues at the post office, so managed to fall asleep in the chair instead.  Woke up at 5 by which time it was dark.  Not so cold as its been lately, but so very dreary!  But I still had to go out as provisions were running low, and I needed a couple of glasses of wine to recuperate!

One reason for my recent ‘time patterns’,  is because not all times coincide with theUK.  If they did, be much easier!  For example: had to stay up till 4am last night to give an interview for Nocturnal Frequency Radio where Steve Genier had billed me to talk with Chris Holly, a Canadian paranormal writer who is quite dedicated to this subject. Of course the Highgate ‘vampire’ case was mentioned, although I did not go into this in great detail being much more interested to hear her own views.  Be nice if she’d post on my own Blog.  Getting so fed up with answering repetitious nonsense on other Blogs from people only really interested in pursuing their own obsession with myself and the ‘Highgate vampire’ – can get very tedious and boring!  So Chris, if you reference this (as I advertised on Steve’s show) please do post something if you want!

Well think I’ll make another attempt to get some more sleep now.  Then may be in time to post those books tomorrow!

For the moment everyone,








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