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Monday – But Not Yet Finished!

Well, having said I’m not too impressed with Sundays, I have to admit that Monday is perhaps my favourite day of the week (if I had to make some mundane choice). I somehow like the general atmosphere of resigned acceptance that another working week is about to begin, and can almost enjoy some people taking the whole thing so seriously! I’m not a part of it all, so I suppose that’s easy to say; but my actual freedom comes mainly in not being a part of the masses and the petty time limits and obligations.

Not that I am not kept busy, I am. But my work is never restricted to any time-scales; or rather time limitations never restrict my work That really gives a sense of freedom; but it is not ‘cultivated’ rather has just come naturally. The secret probably lies in the very meaning of time, but that is one treasured secret I would not lightly give away!

I am nevertheless obligated to my work. I guess the main difference is, I pick my own time to do it in.

I am working on a couple of writing projects at the moment. I am revising two of my main books (autobiographical works titled Shadows in the Night and Dark Secrets) into one bound volume, which a large independent publisher has virtually accepted (too bad if they change their minds as the work will be published anyway!).

The other work (completely new work perhaps I should say) is to bring events in my life on the ‘esoteric field’ completely up to date. The latter is somewhat painful to write as it necessitates reconstructing old memories of things that I would much prefer not to have to think about; but then, the same problem occurred in “Dark Secrets” also. But I overcame that, so this will be the same.

What else? Well nothing really. Well into Monday now. Working all night and I’m a little tired. Its coming up to 5 am. Looks like I’m going to miss breakfast again!


Sunday Seems Forever


Don’t really like Sundays. Not because its supposed to be religious day, but because of the ‘slow monotony’ of everything. I guess its not so bad compared to a few years back when everything was closed, the streets were quieter, and it really was more like a ‘day of rest’. The church bells still rang, of course, but that was mainly for the benefit of those who thought (and still think) that God only exists inside some Church. I’ve already just previously said this (for those with the basic mentality to get the point), but there are actually people around who think that if you don’t attend one of these buildings it means that you ‘don’t believe in God’: that God doesn’t love you (but has ‘chosen’ them exclusively, of course!) or has ‘outcast’ you from the rest! It is really tragic sometimes to see this bigoted attitude. Surely the Great Creator who put us all here is available to anybody; providing, of course, people could but just open their hearts and REALLY recognise this Divine Principle of Love and gentle Compassion.

But there are really people around who think that. That if they dress up in certain religious garments (without even going to Church!) or go to a particular building (whether it be a Mosque or a Church) they – and they alone – have some exclusive right to God. Personally, I find this rather sad; especially, as is often the case, when people leave their particular Church for the day, they return to their same old human life-styles and the same prejudices which led them to believe that God only favoured exclusively, ‘them’.

There are many more people besides, of course, who think that no physical Churches are necessary to be ‘favoured by God’. The Internet is full of organizations offering certificates of ‘validity’ for people who wishing to gain the status of priests, bishops, deacons – even ‘Arch Bishops – merely on completion of some particular form. A well known one (widely advertised) is The Universal Life Church and I have actually seen forms completed by some people whereby they boast to having been ordained and ’given’ some ’religious status’. As an author, I was sent one such form (dating back to late January this year, I believe), and I am seriously think of framing it to add to my collection of ‘esoteric paraphernalia’ which really demonstrates the true mentality of such people.

It is not only religion, of course. Many ‘courses’ are available on the Internet whereby you can become fully fledged ‘witches’, ‘occultists’, Pagans and the like. No harm in it, I suppose. And not really any different from the people attending Church and then declaring that God loves only them! (Or in the case of witchcraft and Paganism you would have to add the Mother Goddess, I suppose).

Not sure what bought this on!

Maybe because its still Sunday!



Where Are You?

Although its a Sunday, I don’t really want to talk about religion here.  I have learned that it causes too many problems – and I’ve learned the hard way!

 But I had an interesting phone call from somebody earlier.  Apparently, they’d seen some statement on the Internet declaring that if you don’t go to Church; then that means that you cannot believe in God!

She asked me what I thought.

This is not really my problem, so to this extent I was fairly evasive.  But she happened to be a fairly religious person and more-or-less wanted an answer – or at least, my opinion.

All that came to mind, was an old story told to us in assembley at a bording school I attended in Sussex around the age of 12 or so.  He used to be a Commander in the 2nd. World War but had obviously long-since retired – although he had apparently kept his true Christian principles. Even at that early age, I could tell that he had been ‘in the thick’ of that bloody war; but now he had retired and was now a qualified teacher.

He told a story (maybe from Victorian times; maybe dating back older – I don’t know) and it has always remained in my mind:

It was a cold and wintery day in London, and a little urchin child sought to take refuge in some brightly-lit church.  The child was dressed in rags, hungry and cold, and only wanted to enter the brightly-lit building as a means of some sort of shelter.

“You’re not allowed in here”, said some Church usher, and he evicted the little urchin back onto the dismal street.

The child broke down in tears, wondering why God should have rejected their attempt to enter the church.

As he was crying, the child encountered a vision . . . It was an angel sent by God to comfort him in his misery.

“Why are you crying”, the Angel asked?

“They won’t let me into their Church”, the child replied.

The sent Angel replied . . . “Well, don’t cry, because God can’t get in there either”.

I guess my point was, just to confirm that God can’t really enter anywhere; unless we really open our hearts to Him.

 That’s the only way I could really explain my point .

And its still Sunday!



Old Memories?

Not quite so boring today . . . considering nothing ever seems to happen at weekends; except the whole world seems to ‘slow down’ slightly from the usual turmoil (unless you work nights, of course!).

Had to take the usual 7 minutes walk or so into the ‘town’; mainly to get some provisions and to stock up on essential things like milk. (Well, you can’t just offer guests ‘black tea’ can you?!).

I did take a slight detour to see what had happened to a nearby pub. Last time I passed it, there was scaffolding outside and it was obvious the whole place was being ‘re-modernised’. I wasn’t mistaken, it had been – or was in the process of being. Peering through one of the ‘white-washed windows’, it was apparent that the place had changed beyond familiar recognition. The old bar had gone, or was in the process of being moved.

I wondered just how many memories had gone with it? Or at least, would be when the place was fully developed.

I went home, tired but almost exhilarated. The past is sometimes something that you cannot take away; it always seems to remain with its memories.


Mundane Moments

It a good job I made no commitments to write here every day as there is just some days I just don’t really feeling like writing, and today is one of them days! Nothing has really happened of any interest and I don’t want to bore people with mundane things; such as’ what the weather was like or what I had for breakfast (speaking metaphorically here as I rarely eat breakfast, and in any event, I slept right through it!).

Suppose there was one thing from my point of view as an author (and people interested in the ongoing Highgate ‘vampire’ case).

Got personal confirmation from France yesterday about the publication on a new book there being published in October. Yes, I know what’s in it but this is an independent work so I can’t say now. Except maybe much of it is about myself, and they’re using a load of photographs both old and new. Any other people included? Yes, and that’s going to be the funny part! But I’ll mention that nearer the time; in fact, much nearer the time to avoid any ‘complications’!

But aside from that, I’ll just have to leave this as a ‘boring post’. Least its not too long!


No knickers – I kid thee not!

The Council were doing some work out in the road today fixing some burst water pipe or something. You realise that the work has to be done, but why did the bloody thing have to burst or leak right outside my window?! The noise was atrocious and, worse than that, it never seemed to stop. Even worse; I was trying to write some pressing letters on the computer. Not simple ‘hello how are you’ type letters but ones that demanded and explanations to important pending issues.

I decided that I’d have to go next door away from the road. The only problem was, I didn’t have a computer next door, aside from which the room was cluttered with things I’d had to move away from a partially collapsed ceiling. But I nevertheless conceded that the only was to get the letters finished was to do them in long-hand then retype them later on the computer. Two hours or so later they were finished but still the noise of a phenmatic (that word’s definitely spelt wrong but the spell checker hasn’t picked it up and I can’t be bothered to look in the dictionary) drill was going on, so I decided to stay amidst the mess as the racket was no better in the kitchen. I decided to make use of the forced opportunity to try and clean up the room a bit…

The exercise proved eventful as some things considered ‘lost’ turned up amongst the rubble. One strange find was a pair of knickers and I genuinely had to rack my brains to remember who they had once fitted. I concluded that they must have been forgotten by Muriela ‘beautiful (but totally mad) psychic I had not seen since 1990. I laughed, as Muriel never brought an over-night bag with her but just slept in here underwear (well, not all the time!) and she must have gone all the way back to Enfield (some 6 or 7 miles away) without wearing any knickers!



Another Old Memory

Do you know everyone (or rather, anyone unfortunate enough to be reading this) what I would really like to know is, just how do you write a Blog (or in a Blog) without sounding really boring!?

This problem seriously crossed my mind before I even started this; but having done so, I suppose I can really only just keep going. I have already told you about one particularly boring incident – maybe I was just try to make a point about just how boring – rather ‘conditioned’ by the material world – some people can be.

In contrast to this, can I perhaps tell you about this mundane world (perhaps ‘materialistic’ is a better word) which so many people seem to be trapped in?

Where I live in ‘leafy Highgate’, we have Highgate Woods just across the road. It is a fairly vast expanse of preserved woodland remarkably unchanged since the 18th century. It has been comparatively ‘modernised’, of course; although it is perhaps more a case of being ‘protected’ from the whims of the local Council and their potential plans for ‘urban development’. That is another story . . .

But just two days or so ago, I was walking in the woods somewhat oblivious to the noisy world which lay only yards away from its outer boundary. It was peaceful – almost tranquil – to get away from the ‘suburban chaos’ outside. (Not that Highgate is even a busy area compared ti the rest of London!). I had some notepaper with me intending to take notes for another article (yes, another one!), when suddenly I heard a distinct voice behind me. “David, David Farrant . . . Well do you remember me?”

I didn’t at the onset actually, but before long an aged face had fitted comfortably into memory. It was an old companion from back in the 1980’s. She reminded me of her name – but I told a ‘white lie’ by making her think that I had remembered it.

Actually, she hadn’t changed much. Its just that I hadn’t been expecting to meet her.

She said she’d long since moved from her own flat (where I’d attended the occasional ‘get together’s) but she was still living very close in the area. We spoke for some 10 minutes or so and I learned her new local address. She invited me for an informal dinner there. And that’s how it was left. Should I go? Or should I just leave the past to take care of itself? These were some of the questions I was pondering as I settled down into a secluded spot to write some notes for my new article.


Recent Recollections

I had a strange (but decidedly unwelcome) visitor a few days ago.

Nearly at the end of an important article, when suddenly disturbed by the bell.  At first, I ignored it, but the ringing became so persistent that eventually I had to face the stairs to face the ‘intruder’.  It was an exceedingly hot day and I was surprised to see my visitor dressed in a semi-official uniform – at least, too formal to appear unimportant (which was obviously his normal mode) with one of these plastic badges together with his photograph attached to a lapel.

“Are you the owner?”, he demanded somewhat aggressivley and then I noticed some official papers he was half hiding behind his back.

“That depends on who you are”, I said holding his eye.

 “I’m from the Council” [Haringey], he said almost offended and pointing to the ‘ID’ on his lapel.  “I’m here about the state of the outside fence.  There are tree branches growing over it and obstructing the pavement and you’ve ignored two earlier Notices”.

“I haven’t ignored anything.  And I still haven’t said whether or not I’m the owner.  Apart from which, they are only grape vines which have grown down the other side of the fence”.

“This is an official Notice from the Council” (hands me some papers) “that the problem must be dealt with inside 14 days or you could be liable to prosecution”.

Well, that really did it!  I screwed the papers up and threw them out onto the pavement . . . “You’ll just have to post them again, and hope somebody receives them”, I said.

Upstairs again, I felt distracted.  I was coming up to an important part of my article and here I was being side-tracked by some insignificant little human being.

Well, I managed to get back to it.  Strangely, I had been writing about the total unimportance of some material matters when opposed to things of an esorteric nature.

Re-reading my words before the unwanted interpretation, I had written . . .

When people really concentrate on the Greater, the lesser disappears. 

Maybe somebody was trying to tell me something.  Or rather confirm something to me?


As She Is Spoke

I must be honest, I am not really a great fan of ‘Blogs’. Quite frankly, I find many of these (at least from the one’s I’ve seen) to be repetitious and boring, and they seem to say little that is memorable or worthy of note. I mean, who really cares what ‘so and so’ had for breakfast, if the bus got caught in a traffic jam or whether they got a pay rise or were made redundant at work (and so on, that being just the tip of an iceberg being made up of apparently futile – though some good – human endeavours).

So, you can imagine my first reaction when I was approached by the manager (affectionately known to his friends and enemies as ‘The Guv’nor’) of this Website saying (words to the effect of) . . . “David, unlike my predecessor, I think its about time you had your own Blog here; not to keep talking about ghosts, ‘vampires’ and the occult or to even answer questions about these; but to talk about the things that really interest David Farrant . . .your actual views on your life. I think people would like to hear about these” (etc).

Well, I questioned whether people would really be that interested: after all (I pointed out), after all said done, I am only an ordinary person and would not be able to say much that would be less likely to bore people than it does on the very Blogs I’m talking about.

“Not so”, he persisted. “People DO want to know about the REAL David Farrant; not the one that has been ‘splashed’ over so many newspapers and numerous Internet sites. What you really feel about life, people and things that make up your life in general”.

Well, I immediately saw some ‘danger signs’, and I informed him that there was no way that I was prepared to discuss anybody in a personal sense; especially, if such things involved personal relationships or even disputes taking place in this great wide world.

No. That’s not what he meant, he assured me. But if it served to dismiss some of the unfounded myth and legend in the process, so much the better!

He’s a persistent person, is this Guv’nor! So I ‘bit the bullet’ and agreed – but only on a trial basis. (I knew he’d talk me into it sooner or later, and it really didn’t seem such a bad idea upon reflection).

I suggested a page name “Things You Never Knew”. Whether he will actually use this, I really don’t know, as I have absolutely no control over the layout or the technical side of things (which is maybe just as well, and why I just prefer to stick to the writing).

So, a Blog is born! Lets just see how it goes everyone!

David Farrant