The 'King Vampires' vault!

Picture from yesterday’s Blog.  Sorry everyone, had to re-size this Pic, hence the small delay.  To summarise what I wrote in yesterday’s Blog . . .

Gareth got a ‘surprise’ picture for me himself, which showed him pointing to the grilled gateway below the Julius Beer mausoleum; where ‘Lusia’ had apparently led an intrepid group of self-styled ‘vampire hunters’ in 1970 (in fact it was claimed she was ‘sleepwalking’ one night) and that she said   that the ‘vampire’ lived inside. This photograph of ‘Lusia’ was actually used in a self-published book on the subject released with ‘best-seller’ anticipation in 1985; and this fictional work  claimed to tell the full story of the mysterious Highgate ‘vampire’.  (Hmmmm!)

Problem is,  its author was going on an erroneous assumption that the Julius Beer mausoleum was in fact an entrace to the Terraced Catacombs  towering some 20 feet above.  He failed to release that the Julius Beer vault was completely self-contained and that the entrance (Gareth is pointing to) was in fact, a ‘dead end’.  Or in other words, the ‘sleeping Lusia’ had been asked to pose outside the wrong vault!

But that aside, Gareth’s picture was very impressive, and I noticed that the old ground entrance to the Julius Beer tomb had changed little since it was first photographed in 1970, showing  the ‘posing’ Lusia.

But in any event don’t worry about it too much good people.  No need when the whole thing was really only pure fiction!

David (Farrant)

  • reply Della V ,

    I wonder what Julius Beer would make of it all? I expect vampires were the last thing on his mind when he bought the vault.

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