The Promised Episode 4 of “Tulpa”

Well, here is the promised episode 4 of  “Tulpa” by the Sycamore Brothers: a breathtaking film to enlighten interested people as to what really occurred during the official BPOS investigation of a ‘vampire’ (rather ‘vampires’) in late 1969 said to be associated with Highgate Cemetery.   I did promise that episode 4 of the film would be released today.  I have not forgotten my promise, and so here it is!  For the record, let me remind people,  I never stated that this ‘ghost’ or earthbound entity was anything to do with a ‘blood-sucking- vampire and that such inventions were just based on some previous Hammer Horror films (“Taste the Blood of Dracula” being just one; ”Dracula AD 1972” being just one other) which were filmed on location at this famous old cemetery.  Anyway, here is Part 4 of the film.

David Farrant.


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