The Highgate Cemetery Vampire Appreciation Society

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Oh dear!

It seems that my last Blog has upset my dear friend Anthony Hogg. Well let me reassure you Anthony, nothing has changed and literary differences in opinion should not be allowed to interfere with a beautiful friendship. To clarify: the group which I referred to here yesterday was the Highgate Cemetery Vampire  Appreciation Society, which is a Facebook group run by a mutual friend, Redmond McWilliams and himself.  In fact, both Redmond and Anthony are the moderators of this Facebook Group which was basically set up on October 27th 2011 to explore the myths and legends surrounding the infamous Highgate ‘vampire’ case.  I did not mention the Groups name here – with good reason.  Simply because, earlier this year, a particular person (whom I will not name here for sympathetic  reasons because the person is a little Bonky’!) ‘stole’ the name of their group, and chose to plagiarise most of its comments and ideas, and I did not want to confuse anyone who may be ‘new’ to these facts.  I was therefore loathe to name Redmond and Anthony’s official Group, The Highgate Cemetery Vampire Appreciation Society, thus giving this fake group recognition by underserved default, by people who may not be aware of the true facts.  I happen to be a member of the official Group, and I believe this is something else that might have upset them slightly, as I also neglected to point out this fact.

So, I hope that clarifies my reasoning for Redmond and Anthony.  No ill-intention intended!

David Farrant



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