The Entity Sighted Was Well Over 6ft Tall.

Just a quick Blog tonight, as I thought some – or most – readers might be interested in the following.

Reports of a ‘tall dark figure’ seen in and around Highgate Cemetery, have dated back for decades; indeed, to the days when Highgate was an exclusive Victorian suburb that catered for the living styles of the elite. All regular readers of this Blog will be familiar with reported encounters of this ‘tall dark figure which has come to be referred to as the ‘Highgate vampire’. Here is yet another independent report referencing an encounter with this ‘ghostly entity’. It was described by the witness as a ‘huge towering dark presence’, sighted near the cemetery, and from the witness’ description we can infer that the entity sighted was well over 6ft tall.

This letter appears in the current issue of Fortean Times magazine, and is really self-explanatory.

So, yet another independent sighting of  a tall, dark figure on the trajectory of the ley line that runs through Highgate. If anyone has experienced any similar phenomenon please feel free to email [email protected]

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