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Well, had a good night yesterday, with 5 other people here altogether.  They all seemed to turn up – and leave – at different times, but we just relaxed and chatted about nothing serious, which was nice.  By coincidence, it happened to be my birthday, but I don’t think anyone realized this until later.  We were arranging future dates, then one person remembered; then, of course, everyone remembered!  I hadn’t invited anyone as a ‘birthday occasion’, that’s probably why (and I hadn’t, it was just a convenient weekend date), and quite honestly, I had hoped nobody would remember! 

 Anyway, we had some wine and we had some food, and just ‘lounged around’ in comfort.

 Nice break anyway and I took a ‘night off’ from the new book.  Now, in case anybody is thinking of asking me how old I am – don’t even bother!  You won’t be answered! 

 I did have a phone call from a friend of mine this afternoon though, asking if I would give another London Talk.  “When”, I asked.  “End of February”, she replied.

 I told her sorry, ‘no way’.  Make it March, and I could do it, I told her.  But not in the cold day’s of February!  Said she could arrange for me to be picked up and dropped back.  But I still said ‘no’.  I still haven’t yet got over all that ice and snow yet; apart from which, the month couldn’t be that warm.  People visiting me is one thing; me venturing out into cold winter months, is quite another.

 But apart from that, things are fairly quiet.  I always prefer it when things are quiet, and there’s not much to answer.  Not that I don’t always answer questions or queries as I’m sure most of you can appreciate.

 By the way, a review of my latest book “David Farrant – In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire” has just been published in The Cauldron magazine, so get a copy of that anyone if you want to.

 I’d better try and get some sleep soon – still getting over last night!

 For now,


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