Thanks Again Everyone

Thanks everyone

 I really don’t want to go into anymore details of my old schools on here.  Reason is quite simple: these have already been given in short extracts from my books here, and it is certainly not my intention to publish any of my books on-line.  I am quite entitled to publish a few short extracts (which I have done already) but the main subject matter must be left for the printed books

That said, my latest book “Pact with the Devil” has now been officially registered; official ISBN and all that. That will be going all over the place with distributors (not least on Amazon) so please be a little patient for that.

For those of you who really want to know the truth about the ‘Devil’ and all his accomplices, just read it – you will soon see why!  You can see how the ‘Devil’ comes in many varying forms, and how these often serve to ‘dupe’ the unwary or gullible!

The facts are all in the forthcoming book, however, so I’ll say no more at present.

But I have been ‘over-worked’ again, so just decided to take a short break now.

Just to write another Blog and hoping to keep ‘K’ happy!

Thanks for the response anyway, and hope this explains the position.

For the moment everyone,


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