Swallowing Yorkshire Puddings . . .

Copyright The Metro newspaper
Copyright The Metro newspaper

Just to welcome you home to this country, Craig; and I’ve done it in a main Blog – you should be greatly honoured.  Well its to please K too, who’s no doubt ‘over the moon’ at your ‘return from the warm’.

Found no ‘ghost notes’ yet; but then again, to be honest’ haven’t really had time to look yet.

Anyway, here is a ‘Golden Oldie’ you might have missed.  You remember when some ‘pudding’ from Yorkshire  posted tht I was being evicted from my flat?  Well these headlines state what really happened, even if you can’t read the text.  K knows what really happened anyway, so she could tell you.

In a nutshell, I won a 9-year court case and, far from being evicted, I made the people concerned fully decorate it and I was awarded compensation.  (So much for swallowing Yorkshire puddings!)

Have fun anyway, and no doubt see you soon.

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