Ghosts in Highgate  (c) Polly Hancock 2004
Ghosts in Highgate (c) Polly Hancock 2004

Well, I just thought to surprise you all folks after being a little ‘lapse’ on my Blog here.  It has mainly been due to the excessive cold.

The Pic. above is from he “Hampstead and Highgate Express”, from 2004 I think wwhen they were dong a ‘write up’ on my new book “Dark Journey”.

This deals with ghost cases from all overe the country; but obviously the “Ham & High” were intersted in more local one’s.  Can’t blame them really, being an established North London newspaper,  notwithstanding that I gave no space whatsoever to the so-called case of the Highgate ‘vampire’!

But I guess I am supposed to be some kind of local celebrity, so maybe that explains it!

Weather slill cold (very cold) in London.  Well, I suppose Spring is not far away – or is it?!?

I have been told off by K. again for not doing regular Blogs.  She knows about the cold obviously, but she won’t take that as an ‘unquestionable excuse’!  I don’t know . . . women!

For now


  • reply Matt ,

    Dear David
    Hope you are well and that the cold isn’t proving too unpleasant. You’ll have to forgive my ignorance here, but I’ve heard it said that there is generally more psychic/paranormal energy about in the winter months. Would you say this is the case?
    How are the new books coming along?
    Regards Matt

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