I was thinking about something earlier prompted by something I had saved on my computer last year. I came across it by virtual accident looking for something else (which I still haven’t found!), and it bought back a rather sad memory. It was some memoirs that a friend (yes, all right, it was another girl!) was dictating whereby she intended to put all her experiences in Wicca, Paganism and spiritualism, including her experiences with other people (and myself) into a book.

I wasn’t too happy, as she’d included the dreaded words ‘Highgate Vampire’  in the title, and I thought this might distract from what she was trying to say. Still, I hadn’t said anything as I thought I could get her to change it later. In fact, this was really how I found it. Not looking for that, but for something else I’d written about the Highgate ‘vampire’ case.

I‘m not going to repeat any of the passages here, or even summarise their content. That wouldn’t be right as these involved her personal involvements and feelings. But I was struck by the sincerity of these thoughts and the dedicated manner in which she’d set out her project.

It was only afterwards that I was directed to some other posts on the Internet by the same person; about myself, and about the same book. It is still there for all to see, but this time her posts are brimming with almost undisguised bitterness and malice; and I am named in full, as if she is almost ‘proud’ of the anger. I am just going to leave it  There is no need to do anything when she is outwardly contradicting her own statements by virtue of the malice shown.

Strange how human beings can be sometimes . . .


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