Robin Hood’s Grave Revisited

The new Robin Hood film, ‘Robin Hood’s Grave Revisited’, is, I’m pleased to say, well ahead of schedule.  A little early to give details yet (at least about the actual content) but the release date is scheduled for next week.  I can tell you this however:  the film will reveal never before told facts concerning the legend of the infamous outlaw, who is supposed to have been buried at Kirklees in West Yorkshire. His secluded ‘grave’, situated in dense woodland in the grounds of a private estate, still, it seems, guards its secrets mercilessly against any unwanted intervention from the outside world.  The late Lady Armytage, sole owner of the expansive estate encountered many difficulties in her lifetime against some fanatical groups determined to make access to the grave an established an established ‘public right’; these groups stopped almost short of nothing in attempting to fulfil a quest to meet their own ends, whilst discarding the feelings – or physical health – of Lady Armytage herself in the process.

The film sets out to dispel much of the unwarranted propaganda tactics employed by certain local people determined to achieve their self-motivated aims; at the expense of disturbing the privacy and well-being of the Armytage family itself who were – perhaps ironically – only trying to preserve the sanctity of this ancient grave-site and its close associations with the legend of Robin Hood.

The film goes into all these aspects of the Robin Hood legend, and many more.  Presented by film producer Drew Hartley, and featuring a detailed interview with myself, and Gareth J Medway who performed a Blessing Ceremony at the grave-site in 2005,  further insight is provided on film about the activities of some people whose self-determined interests seem to have greatly outweighed any real interests in the dissemination of genuine facts surrounding the existence of the ‘outlaw’ Robin Hood.

Anyway the film will be on public release next week, and I will certainly keep you all informed of further details. Just keep watching this space because not long ‘til release day now!

I leave you with a sneak preview of a still from the finished film.

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