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    Gareth Davies
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    Reeves Cooke
In the early 2000s Gareth Davies founded the immensely popular Mind Set Central website, to which David Farrant was a regular contributor.  In 2009 Mind Set Central made the transition to an internet broadcasting platform, and today publishes around 17 podcasts every month.  The shows ‘attempt to open eyes and minds by shedding a little light on what’s really going on in the world’, and tackle the unexplained, conspiracy theories, politics and classic paranormal cases throughout history.  The Para-Talk show, which deals with the latter and is co-hosted by paranormal enthusiast Reeves Cooke, has invited David and Della Farrant to appear as guests several times. You can catch up on these episodes below.

David Farrant – The Shadow of the Highgate Vampire

Para-Talk: Episode 76
December 2013

David Farrant and Gareth Davies discuss types of various para-psychological phenomena, and what drives people to keep looking for proof of their existence.  What can experiences of the paranormal tell us about the nature of human consciousness, and how does the Highgate ‘vampire’ fit in?


David and Della Farrant – The Occult History of Highgate

Para-Talk: Episode 77
November 2013

A disturbing episode, which reveals some concerning facts regarding the use of Highgate Cemetery and houses in the vicinity by some secretive black magic sects.  On the table are exploitation, missing persons and the manipulation of the natural environment for personal gain – plus some speculation about how these practices could have impacted upon Highgate’s repuation for being haunted.  Comparative cases such as Clapham Wood are also discussed.


Della Farrant – Hidden Highgate

Para-Talk: Episode 70
Hallowe’en 2013

Della, Reeves and Gareth discuss Della’s website,, and her research into many allegedly haunted locales in the Highgate area.  The history of the area and the role this plays is also discussed, along with some hoaxes which have found their way in the pantheon of Highgate’s paranormal legends.


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