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Don Ecker

Medically retired law enforcement officer, investigative detective, and prolific contributor to paranormal TV, radio and printed media Don Ecker has been examining the case of the alleged Highgate Vampire for many years. During the course of his inquiry he has interviewed David Farrant on numerous occasions, chiefly on his radio station ‘Dark Matters Radio’, and privately as part of his research for his now published report.

In the radio interviews with David, collated below for ease of reference, and in his report, Don examines the case from a highly critical perspective, leaving no stone unturned in his bid to compare alleged truths with real life evidence.



Don Ecker’s First Report into the Highgate Vampire (2010) – PDF

December 2013 – Christmas Special with David Farrant


October 2013


October 2012 II

October 2012 I


January 2011


October 2010


July 2007 – Don Interviews David Farrant (no adverts)

The show they tried to ban!


July 2007 – Highgate Prologue 2 (no adverts)


July 2007 – Highgate Prologue 1 (no adverts)


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