David Farrant radio studio

The following radio interviews and appearances were broadcast by various programs based in the U.K., the U.S.A. and Canada – many of the hosts of which are long term paranormal investigators in their own right.  Of course, before podcasts (most of which can be archived online, downloaded and saved for posterity)  took on popularity, there existed the “old-fashioned” radio shows of yore.  Many of these are now lost, or hidden in the physical archives of the stations which first released them.  But relatively modern recordings, such as those playable below, are – thanks to internet technology – much easier for listeners to retrieve and enjoy at their leisure.  So … enjoy!  David Farrant.


Regular Guest Slots


  • Para-Talk podcast

  • In recent months David Farrant has been a regular guest on Mind Set Central’s podcast ‘Para-Talk’, hosted by Gareth Davies and Reeves Cooke. You can listen to some of the archived shows here, including some which also feature Della Farrant, author of Haunted Highgate.

  • Nocturnal Frequency Radio

  • David Farrant is regular contributor to Nocturnal Frequency Radio, and you can catch up with some previous shows in which he appears as a guest at this link.  NFR, hosted by Canadian paranormal researchers Steve Genier and Alex Rondini, has been broadcasting since 2008, and combines serious subject matters with an inclusive and friendly approach.  That’s not to say they shy away from controversy, however.  Far from it … Dare you enter the world of  ‘Evil Cabal Radio’ … ?

  • Dark Matters Radio with Don Ecker
  • Don Ecker is an internationally renowned researcher and broadcaster.  Known for applying his skills as a retired detective to the investigation of the allegedly paranormal, Don took on the infamous Highgate ‘vampire’ case in the late 2000s, with enlightening results.  His reports and interviews with David Farrant can be read and heard here.


Occasional Shows


  • paralogo200animation5

  • In this episode of internationally acclaimed paranormal radio show The Paracast, hosts Gene Steinberg and Christopher O’Brien interview David Farrant for the first time.  First broadcast July 2012.

  • Area-51-Gralien-Project-Banner
  • In this show, first broadcast on 31st October 2011, David Farrant and host Micah Hanks share spooky stories for Hallowe’en.  Can you really be killed by a nightmare? Check out David’s interview two thirds into the show.

  • In March 2013 David Farrant contributed to “Desire”, an episode of progressive radio show The Butcher’s Apron.  The segment of the episode which focuses on the Highgate Vampire legend is reproduced here with permission.  You can listen to the whole episode here.

  • This controversial episode of World of the Unexplained was effectively ‘banned’ from the airwaves after ‘a certain person’ objected to its content.  The Highgate Vampire, feuds, stalking and outright lies are exposed in detail in this interview with David Farrant by J. Scott and Trent Lackey. Originally broadcast in October 2006.

  • David Farrant is interviewed on Kakophonos radio, in a show which was first broadcast at Hallowe’en 2012. Hosted by Canadian presenter Rikki La Coste as a ‘Hallowe’en Special’, David and Rikki discuss spiritualism, ghosts, Wicca, the occult scene in general and the Highgate ‘vampire’ affair.

  • Fortean journalist Mark Pilkington interviews President of the British Psychic and Occult Society, David Farrant. Mark focuses particularly on the modern witchcraft scene, or rather its popular revival in the late 1960s.  He also goes onto inquire about the infamous Highgate Vampire case and some myths associated with that.  This interview was recorded for Strange Attractor on Resonance 104.4fm and broadcast on 23rd May 2002.

  • This interview with David Farrant was first broadcast on the controversial James Whale Radio Show in 2001 on Talk Radio /TalkSport. Whale is known widely for his predictable rudeness towards his guests and people who had cause to phone into his show. Miraculously David survives his interview with James unscathed, contrasted with some other interviewees’ and guests’ experiences, and actually quite enjoyed doing a show with a shock jock for a change – at least Whales’s approach cannot be called dishonest!