Not quite so boring today . . . considering nothing ever seems to happen at weekends; except the whole world seems to ‘slow down’ slightly from the usual turmoil (unless you work nights, of course!).

Had to take the usual 7 minutes walk or so into the ‘town’; mainly to get some provisions and to stock up on essential things like milk. (Well, you can’t just offer guests ‘black tea’ can you?!).

I did take a slight detour to see what had happened to a nearby pub. Last time I passed it, there was scaffolding outside and it was obvious the whole place was being ‘re-modernised’. I wasn’t mistaken, it had been – or was in the process of being. Peering through one of the ‘white-washed windows’, it was apparent that the place had changed beyond familiar recognition. The old bar had gone, or was in the process of being moved.

I wondered just how many memories had gone with it? Or at least, would be when the place was fully developed.

I went home, tired but almost exhilarated. The past is sometimes something that you cannot take away; it always seems to remain with its memories.


  • reply Long John Baldry's Cat ,

    I would enjoy seeing some pictures posted of the old neighbourhood especially the park. Here in the Cat Afterlife everything is very sanitised.

    • reply DavidFarrant ,

      Might just have a word with the present Gov’nor about that, because my personal technology is almost nil in such matters.

      No doubt, you are interested in Highgate Woods, ‘ghost cat’ but it has changed very little when you were supposed to have wandered in there ‘looking for a mate’!

      The trees are still there, and the pathways, but that’s about all!

      David Farrant

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