Not Much To Say . . .

Expecting a couple of people, but I’ve got a spare hour so decided to do a quick Blog before they arrive.  Not that there’s much to say at the moment, except maybe that I’m a little tired.  Too much work on the new book, I think, and trying to answer other queries all over the place.  Anyway, got a new scanner now so that helps, especially when I’ve got to send pictures or documents to someone.  The old one still works, but the problem is, its on the older computer and not compatible with the new one and everything had to be transferred by disc – which took ages. 

I meant to put the Cauldron review of my autobiography yesterday, but K came over last night and didn’t really have time to do anything – except talk.  Maybe I’ll post it up here later tonight, but just have to finish typing it out first.

K didn’t have much wine because she was driving, but that meant she could stay a little later.  And she did!  She doesn’t live that far anyway; not more than a 20 minute drive that time of night.

That reminds me, I had a private email just recently asking me about my relationship with K (cause I often mention her I suppose).  You would all know who its from if I were to tell you.  But I’m not going to as it was sent in private and I respect private correspondence.  But in case anybody else is wondering the same thing, I’m afraid my answer can only be “no comment”.  I must be allowed some privacy, for goodness sake; especially when there are a couple of very callous people around at the moment (one ‘he’ and a ‘she’) who would  only try and exploit the situation.

So, on that note I really have to finish at the moment.  Time is pressing on and I’ve hardly got anything done!

Till later


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