New Weird Reads with Emily Louise YouTube video – worth a watch!

Hi all, Della here.

Just to let you all know that there is a new video up on YouTube which is certainly worth a watch. In fact, a ‘like’ and a ‘subscribe’ as well, in my opinion.

If a 50th generation photocopy could speak, it could narrate most YT videos made in the last few years which seek to tell the tale of the Highgate ‘vampire’. The majority just seem to repeat the same hackneyed old phrases, a few facts, and some oft-heard jumbled up mixtures of reality and myth.
Additionally, where applicable, their creators’ bright ideas to produce easily made clickbait content can be so instantly transparent and DULL. I am like – it can be a fun story, even an educational one – it has so much to unpick and research – why settle for a banal repeat?

This video is different. Emily Louise (Weird Reads with Emily Louise) is a witty and thoughtful narrator who has packed more facts and insight into 41 minutes than some documentaries manage in an hour.
She is a sceptic regarding the paranormal, but I like the way she retains an open mind and is respectful towards people who believe in concepts which she does not.
This video gets a ‘yes’ from the Land of Farrant. I think David’s friends and fans will enjoy it.

Well done Emily Louise! I have subscribed. Now for your Satanic Panic vid!


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