David Farrant
David Farrant

I have been asked to give another Talk soon on latest reports about a ‘vampire-like figure’ that has been sighted again in and around Highgate Cemetery.  These reports seem to have escalated again in recent years, but luckily I have most of these witnessed experiences on record, with appropriate permission to use them for future books, Talks, etc.  This is what I shall be doing at the end of March during this next Talk, although I’ll keep everyone informed with more precise details nearer the time.  For the moment though, here are a couple of newspaper articles to give the basic background.


Well, another cold week seems to have set in.  But I suppose it won’t go on forever!


I see you put our picture up on Facebook Andy, taken when you and L visited before Christmas.  We should have cleared the table off – people will get the wrong idea seeing all that wine.  Still, it was Christmas!


So, just a short post today everyone.  Hopefully pics. will go up okay.


David (Farrant)

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    How does one find out/book for your talks, I always seem to spot them afterwards and find I can’t turn back time.

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