David has allowed me to use his computer to write more about Borley.  For technical reasons I cannot yet give my intended report about Harry Price, but here meanwhile is a short but true story.

            In 1978 Dave Vanian of The Damned, and his wife Laurie Vanian – the original Goths –visited Borley Church along with John Miller, the father of Rat Scabies, the band’s drummer.  They arrived at midnight and found the church door open, so they went in.  It was pitch black inside, as they approached the altar there came a blinding flash which illuminated everything for a split second.  They could then dimly make out figures leaving by the door.  Not long afterwards the police arrived.  They explained that a group of American ghosthunters had been holding a vigil there, but had dialed the emergency number because they believed that a group of Satanists had arrived.

            (I was told this yesterday by Rat Scabies, who had just been enacting Jacques de Molay, Grandmaster of the Knights Templars, getting burnt at the stake by the television producer Carrie Kirkpatrick in a field in East Yorkshire, whilst I stood by waving a crucifix and reading from the Latin Bible.  I need hardly say that actually he survived the experience.  If you really burnt someone at the stake for a television documentary, you would probably get into trouble with Ofcom.)

            Gareth J. Medway

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