Kakophonos Radio and Patsy Langley's Talk

Perhaps another Blog later as it was my son Jamie’s birthday this week and we took a couple of photographs we’d like to share with you.

But first, just to let you hear my interview on Kakophonos radio which was broadcast this Hallowe’en. Hosted by Canadian presenter Rikki Wychwood LaCoste as a ‘Hallowe’en Special’,  we were discussing spiritualism, ghosts, Wicca, the occult scene in general and the Highgate ‘vampire’ affair.

You can read more about Kakophonos radio here: http://www.kakophonos.com/ where the broadcast can be found in the archives. It is also available to listen to on my YouTube channel here:

The interview is copyright of Rikki and myself.

Another video just uploaded to YouTube: the long awaited Talk by Patsy Langley, Secretary of the British Psychic and Occult Society and author of the Highgate Vampire Casebook at the ‘HIGHGATE @ HALLOWEEN’ event on 27th October 2012. The event was organised by North London Paranormal Investigations, and took place at the haunted Gatehouse public house in Highgate Village.

Patsy is in the process of updating her book, in light of new information she has unearthed regarding the Wace family tomb and other matters pertinent to her investigation of the Highgate ‘vampire’ case. The revised edition will be out before too long, and of course I will notify everyone here of the details when it is available.

Well that’s it for this Blog, a little tired after the recent excitement and partying etc. But keep tuned for more updates soon.

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