Love Thy Neighbour!

A friend of mine just sent me this Pic. which I thought I’d share you all.  He has called it “Judgement Day”, but he says its only symbolic of me ‘rising above’ all this petty squabbling on the Internet whilst the people in the world below are left fighting amongst themselves and slowly destroying each other.  Well, I certainly cannot argue about that.  They are!

You know, its almost funny to see people so consumed with bitterness and hostility towards each other; not least towards myself who appears to be at the centre of it all.

Should be flattered, I suppose.  But the truth is, I’m only amused!  Who was it who said, “The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about”!?  It could have been Oscar Wilde – but I really can’t remember.

Della is quite amused by all this UnChristian malice, for a lot of it is directed towards her as well.  Her only crime?  Its because she prefers her true identity secret. That’s all.  Simply that!

Well, let me tell them all here; that’s the way its going to stay.  It cannot be any other way.  Surely who in their right mind would offer their private details on a silver platter to those basically intent to cause them as much harm – both publicly and privately – as they could otherwise muster?

The answer is they wouldn’t.

But there’s another reason as well:  its none of their God-damn business!

All for the moment everyone,



  • reply Della Farrant ,

    And my other ‘crime’? Being married to someone who this handful of female whackjobs fixate upon everyday, but who doesn’t want a relationship with them. How terribly ‘dispicable’ of me! Take me out and shoot me! This is adulthood. Seems beyond the scope of these oddballs.

    • reply David Farrant ,

      Go tell ’em sweetheart! But don’t worry too much about their ravings. Think its just plain jealously if you ask me!

      David x x

      • reply Anthony Hogg ,

        As you’d probably know Dave – I’m on the receiving end of their nonsense, too. And it’s stooped to a whole new depth with the ‘support’ they’ve been getting from Mark Fisher – which has stooped to whole new depths.


        How low will it get… (that question’s rhetorical, not an invitation!)

        • reply David Farrant ,

          Anyway, it was good to hear from Rob Milne again on “Peculiar Ravings on the Internet” (two Blogs back) and to see you’ve endorsed my invitation to him to visit London. And even offerred to cook him his favourite Scotch dish . . . haggis. But are you certain you’ll be able to cook this Angel? That’s if we can even find one in London!
          David x x

          • reply David Farrant ,

            Yes, I know Anthony, I’ve seen it. We may have our slight differences over general occult issues, but they certainly are not personal, and I certainly don’t agree with the malicious tactics being employed by Babs and CF and their new-found revolutionary ‘friend’ MF. Della feels the same way about this as well, although she just doesn’t want to become involved in their hysterical ravings. I can see you have just told them the truth, but unfortunately, I think they are just unable to see it. Most people can, however, which is all that really matters.

            • reply Reserved ,

              Della must know what they’re like and who wants to be connected or have those vultures around them.. and they have no idea what it is to be Christlike, loving their enemies, they actually go out of they’re way to hurt as many others as possible with their loathsome imaginations and defensive insecurities. All of a sudden CF suddenly supports another page, maybe they’re learning how to promote their page and behave from us? Funny though, CF: “I’ve better things to do with my time” and next comment is “I’ve not done with them yet”


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