It’s All Good News…

"This looks like Della's dressing gown?!?"
Sorry to be late again, but here is the link to last night’s release of the much anticipated  “Hoggy Hallowe’en” film. Its already gone onto Youtube, and sorry for any delay in getting it up here.
Literally been so busy with other matters that I’ve hardly had time to attend to some technicalities. But just watch and enjoy it all the same, you might find it very amusing!
On another note, I gave a short interview this morning to Micah Hanks who runs the Gralien Report website and broadcasting channel, so hope you might be able to enjoy this as well. It is being aired 11.15pm US time / 3.15am UK time, and the link is here: where you will also be able to find it in the archive. Again, sorry for letting you all know about this so late in the day. I agreed to do a Hallowe’en special, but Hallowe’en this year has been a little frenetic to say the least (although I’m not complaining!).
Must confess to being a little tired right now due to a considerably intense day, but hope you will enjoy the Hoggy clip and my broadcast, and I shall fill you in on today’s events when I have a little more time.  But don’t worry folks, it’s all good news!
Yours for the moment,

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