In The Meantime . . .

I am a little tired again, (and its only 10 O’clock!) so no long Blog tonight..  Just wanted to say though, last week we went on a ‘ghost hunting’ trip to West Wycombe caves near Alesbury and Berkhampstead (ruined) Castle.  There was BPOS secretary, Patsy, Ricki (her fiancé) Gareth and myself.

 A couple of interesting incidents happened in the caves, which were MAYBE photographed.  I say ‘maybe’ because I have not got the film back yet, and in any event, they were taken without flash and it was pretty dark down there!  I had set the camera to half a second exposure and there was very dim artificial light. But we’ll have to wait and see.  Thought it would make sense to wait for the film just in case and then do the Blog. 

Gareth will be here on Friday.  I’ll have the film by then and I can get him to type it for me so we can compare notes.  Just being lazy of course, but then he is a much faster typist than myself.

 Anyway, we went .on to Berkhampstead  Castle afterwards.  No ghosts, but we did get some really clear photographs and I will definitely post one of those with a description of the day’s events.

 But I’ll wait till Friday, and then do a longer Blog.   In the meantime . . . maybe just one more glass of wine!

 For now,


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