I haven’t forgotten Minervia!

Only a quick page for today. One reason is, I’m a little tired after the student filming, which all went well. (They seemed pleased with it anyway. Went to Highgate first (more precisely Highgate Village) to film a couple of ‘haunted’ places there. Then some location shots at Highgate Cemetery. Then home and finished off in the flat. All through about 5.30. They have promised me a copy of the film once completed. Its been filmed as part of a project within the University and I’ve been invited to the final screening. I think I’ll give that a miss though. But I’ve been promised permission to put their film up on my main Website after that. So they’re adding up! (So just be patient everyone and you’ll all be able to see it too).

Minarvia sent me an interesting reply on the comments section here today.

I shall be posting this up on my main blog on Saturday or, at the latest, Sunday. (Maybe I should choose Sunday as then I’ll have no excuse to get onto religion!). Her points are interesting and mostly about psychic phenomena. Minarvia knows how I feel about the Highgate ‘vampire’ (bless her!) and so she has avoided that.

Actually, didn’t really intend to post up a blog here today. But its only short and I hope brings things up to date.



  • reply Minarvia ,

    No hurry, David! And feel free to edit my comment if anything was said that you really do not wish to respond to. This is your blog, after all, and don’t want to make you uncomfortable or feel put on the spot. But I do hope at least you can refer me to some of your favourite cases!

    • reply David Farrant ,

      For Minarvia,

      I have tried to answer all your points in my reply. If you think I have neglected any, then just come back and tell me. Its not quite the same as ‘other forums’ here in that I feel I can answer quite freely!


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