Hoggy Hallowe’en!

Here is another snippet from the Hallowe’en Special, “Hoggy Hallowe’en”. Can’t give too much away as the American project is not due for release for a few days.  But it should make a real special treat for many of you when you see the film (with sound no less!);  much more fun than your usual Hallowe’en “Trick or Treat” nonsense!
An unexpected visitor turns up in London, demanding to get his grubby trotters on classified information from the 1970s concerning a so-called ‘vampire’ which has persuaded him to leave his billabong down under in a desperate attempt to try to track it down. Is he successful? Or has his mission been a total waste of time? The forthcoming film really says it all, and you won’t have to wait long now for the scariest night of the year when ALL will be revealed!
Della and I have been sharing a quiet weekend. A lot of news in that direction as well, but that will be forthcoming very shortly.  Here is a picture anyway (and if you look closely at Della’s left hand, you may get a clue!!
Have fun any way,

You'll never guess, so don't even try!

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