Photo of David Farrant: Dave Milner; (c) BPOS

Well, just in time for Hallowe’en folks, another video – well two in fact. Hallowe’en is always an incredibly busy time for Della and myself, for various reasons. We have filming projects all day tomorrow, and all Thursday afternoon, as well as things to do together tomorrow evening, so thought I ought to do a Blog tonight incase I don’t find time tomorrow.

So, video number one: I am pleased to announce that Part 5 of my filmed interview with Redmond McWilliams on behalf of the Highgate Cemetery Vampire Appreciation Society is now online. This is the final part of the main interview, although there is another installment pending, which must for the present time remain ‘shrouded in mystery.’  But in the meantime, you can watch Part 5 here:

Onto video number two: My Blog entry described and illustrated the  the ‘HIGHGATE @ HALLOWEEN’ event on 27th October 2012, organised by North London Paranormal Investigations, which took place at the haunted Gatehouse public house in Highgate Village.

The crowd at the Gatehouse (c) NLPI
Mysterious guest - or the Gatehouse Ghost? Photo: Dave Milner; (c) BPOS

I was invited to give a keynote speech for the event, which has now been uploaded to Youtube, and can be viewed here:

Other guests included GhostQuest UK; Gillian Trench; Patsy Langley; Ray Shar and Jay Hollis.

You can read more about the event here:


More about North London Paranormal Investigations here:


And more about the Gatehouse and Highgate’s haunted history here:


And here;


Well still Hallowe’en all day tomorrow, so lots of time for anything else to happen, and will try to post a Blog tomorrow after we get back from our meal out.

So for now (I better get an early night as will be on film for most of tomorrow!)




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