Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone!

Oh, Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone, lest we forget.  I wasn’t allowed to!
David (and Della)
P.S. Don’t tell Della’s  ‘real’  husband, anybody!
  • reply Trish Jing Jai ,

    Mr David, greetings to you and my laptop is now back from repairman as you can sees!
    So I catch up reading what you tell me on the phonecall. Now I am very confusced because lady in pictures in film you put on this post is same lady but Mr Sean cannot see? Then mr Sean say Mrs Della is not Mrs della but is Miss Christine who has just got married. Then mr Sean say Miss Christine live with you and Mrs Della at your house but why do not they live in their own house? But then he say she does not have her house but why would they get married and come to live with you as not enough beds for four people although this is normative in Thailand is not in London? I meet miss della at your house before for dinner when we have the chinese with mr T and Mr Cu also meet Mrs Della at your house and at the pub. I have never meet Miss Christine but I see her pictures and I know she is not Mrs Della. Why Mr Sean want to say all this? I think he must be a verry mistakenly man. I phone you soon anways as possibly we can meet you again soon (and I remember now to put in my box bag for when I see you a present I make for you and Mrs Della of traditional gift for happy life in wedding). Have the best day mr David and a kiss for you and Mrs Della 🙂 🙂 🙂

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