I thought this might amuse a few of you as a fairly quick Blog post. (Don’t worry K, I’ve finally got the knack of re-sizing pictures now – I think!


The pic. Is from the Pudding’s time – although she didn’t take it.


But the real question is, can anybody guess what’s in the glass!??  I’m sticking to fruit juice, unless anybody claims to know any better!


Enjoy it anyway, and no uncalled for comments from you pussy Cat!


For the moment everyone,



  • reply John Baldry's Cat ,

    Do witches wear goggles when not in public?

    • reply barbara green ,

      How about the Dickipoggy Chronicles. I think you are drinking Lydia Pinks Medicinal Compound!


      • reply David Farrant ,

        They are only reading glasses Cat and I DO wear them in public if, of when, I have to read something.

        Wrong about the drink, Barbara. But I’ve got just the photograph for you. You’ll love it! I’ll post it up this evening.


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