Ghostly Walks In Highgate

I have had so much response from people (rather requests as well) from everyone asking me to post up more stuff about Highgate (and its supposed ‘vampire’), that I have conceded in a way. Let me please explain . . .

I said I did not intend to mention the wretched Highgate ‘vampire’ here and that is still a view I hold to. I am not; at least in any detail. But what I can do is to include some more ghost cases reported in Highgate, which I will do. (Save you all listening to my ‘daily musings’ at least!).

This is quite easy for me actually as many of these have already appeared as short chapters in my books, and all I have to do is just copy them from the discs. But having said that, it is not quite that easy because many of the books were written a while ago and I used a different computer! Which means, sometimes the formatting might be affected. So should you see paragraphs not justified, or even repeated in some cases, please understand this is not deliberate but due to the disc formatting.

But please don’t despair! And should this happen, I have several people to help me, much more ‘computer literate’ than me!

So, I will start with a short piece later. It is called “Ghostly Walks in Highgate” and involves the sighting of a ‘tall dark phantom figure’ that has often been reported in Highgate Woods.

I will post this up later after I snatch a little well-needed sleep. And touch wood there won’t be any problems! We’ll see!

For now,


(To follow later, Hopefully!) . . .  

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