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Vice President of the British Psychic and Occult Society Gareth J. Medway is a respected author and historian of the occult.

Gareth J. Medway
Gareth J. Medway Portrait (c) Dave Milner

He is a prolific contributor to Magonia Magazine and Fortean Times, and a popular speaker at The Moot With No Name (now known as The Atlantis Bookshop Presents) and The Secret Chiefs pagan moot as well at various UK conferences pertaining to the arcane.

Gareth is an officiating priest within The Fellowship of Isis, and is also actively involved in paranormal research. He regularly assists with spirit release work and healing circles with other professionals in the field. He also makes appearances in TV documentaries which explore the world of the unknown, often filmed on location in Europe and beyond.

Here you can read some of Gareth’s contributions to the ever-evolving world of Fortean research, and, should you wish to, drop him a line via the CONTACT FORM. Missives from love-sick leather-clad ladies especially welcome.

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Exclusive articles contributed by Gareth to


It Came From Moore’s

Spanish Journey


The Lure of the Sinister

Lure of the Sinister - Gareth J. Medway

Gareth J. Medway is the author of Lure of the Sinister – The Unnatural History of Satanism (New York University Press 2001). This acclaimed academic reference work examines the myths and  constructs which have helped shape the perception of Satanism in popular culture.

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A collection of some of Gareth’s voluminous contributions to this cult journal of the unexplained can be found below.  It is worth checking Gareth’s author profile out as this list is not exhaustive,

Curiouser and Curiouser: ‘High Strangeness’ UFO Encounters

Carter, Pollard and the Broken Backed ‘f’

The Devils Dozen – Upon Covens of Thirteen

A Matter of Debate

Nostradamus, 1999

Who Taught God to Drive? The Origins of the Ancient Astronaut Myth

How to Write a Bestseller – Erich von Daniken’s ‘Chariot of the Gods?’

Still More About MJ-12

UFO Crashes: An Emergent Pattern

A Man Who Would be King – Pierre Plantard


Media / Public Appearances


Trailer for forthcoming documentary series ‘Ghostly Treasure’ featuring Gareth J. Medway and Rat Scabies and presented by Carrie Kirkpatrick


Gareth J. Medway interviews David Farrant  for the ‘Atlantis Bookshop Presents…’ Jan 2012


Gareth J. Medway and David Farrant contribute to Trevor Hargreaves’ documentary about London based vampirism enthusiasts – with some potentially disturbing revelations