Gareth Misses The Boat

“Gareth Misses the Boat”

Due to unforeseen circumstances this year, Gareth was forced to cancel his annual boat ‘party’ on the Thames. The date coincided with another important event he had to attend on dry land.

There was still bucketfuls of champagne there, and plenty of kisses and cuddles to go all around. It was an engagement party for Liz and Andy. This was more unconventional than it sounds, because ‘Andy’ is the nickname of a woman actually called Hannah. In fact, the happy couple are both ladies.

But a good time was had all around, although Gareth was fairly ‘down’ when I saw him tonight. I think he regrets ‘missing out’ on the fun and merriment of the trip on the ‘pirate ship’, and has to wait another year. Or, it could be that he misses more being manacled to the stern of the boat again?

What went on? Well, just use your imagination, folks.

Anyway, I’ll keep this short, for the moment, I’m still pretty tired from my talk yesterday.


  • reply speedqueen ,

    ah poor Gareth tell him i,ll bring my” box of tricks ” to cheer him up on my next sure i,ll put a smile on his face by the time ive finished with him!

    • reply David Farrant ,

      That sounds positively dangerous, Speedqueen!

      But I guess that so long as your’re determined to ‘display your wares’ on Gareth, I’m comparitively safe . . . or am I ?!?

      For the moment,


    • reply Flossie ,

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