From Boscombe to Boston


Highgate Wood at sundown (c) Lawrence Ez

23 of April, and a lovely spring day in London.  The scent of spring is drifting across the road from Highgate Woods, carried along on the evening breeze along with the mating calls of the owls which can been seen silhouetted in the trees against the setting sun.

Della and I decided to go out for a walk this evening into the woods. She’d had a hard day at work, and we both felt like a bit of relaxation. Came back about an hour ago and opened a couple of bottles of wine, which should help us relax even more at the moment!

Seriously though, nothing much to say right now; really just to give you all a link to the latest blog on Kev’s website. It is really self-explanatory and so needs little explanation. But I am pleased to say I have heard from Kev recently and he tells me that his future autobiography on his life (and of course his early life) is over half done; but Raggety has been keeping his Blog up to date as Kev has to do a couple of weeks of heavy training at the moment.

I do have a little other news, concerning future Talks etc, but I would prefer to leave this until tomorrow when I have a bit more time to go into detail.

In the meantime I hope you all enjoy the new entry on Kev’s blog which concerns the recent tragedy at Boston and a first person report of events there by Raggety who was present and is now thankfully back in the UK safe and sound – it can be read here:

See you all soon … 


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