First Session of The Highgate Vampire Symposium Now Online

Firstly, thank you to all our viewers for their patience as we upload the film clips from July 19th 2015 – the day of the first ever Highgate Vampire Symposium!

Highgate Vampire Symposium - Introduction and Keynote Remarks

This first clip features our host, and owner of the theatre Upstairs at the Gatehouse, John Plews. We did promise that John would say a few words about the theatre’s resident ghost, Mother Marnes. He did – but you will have to wait until The Big Ghost Debate is uploaded to hear his thoughts!

This clip also features our compere, paranormal author and researcher Paul Adams, myself, and an introduction to Redmond McWilliams, founder of the Highgate Vampire Cemetery Appreciation Society – our first speaker.

We do hope you enjoy it, and watch the rest of the day as it the footage is uploaded to the web.

Footage from an October 1970 broadcast of “24 Hours” © BBC TV – used with permission.


Information about Paul Adams’ paranormal research, including his 2014 work Written in Blood which covers the Highgate Vampire in depth can be found here: and here:

See: for more information about Redmond’s Facebook group.

And you can read more about The Highgate Vampire Symposium’s organiser, Della Farrant, at her own website and via her book, Haunted Highgate at

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