Frights and Delights with Princess Dark Morte

Princess Dark Morte and David Farrant (c) Mortuary Productions 2014
Princess Dark Morte and David Farrant (c) Mortuary Productions 2014


IN JULY 2014 David Farrant was asked to give a filmed interview for Princess Dark Morte’s Frights and Delights series.  Topics on the table included David’s early life and spiritual development, his experiences within Wicca and his thoughts on its origins, and of course – the dreaded Highgate ‘vampire’ – as well as some discussion about what makes Highgate such a special place.   Dark Morte is an alternative model, actress, presenter and reporter with a long-standing interest in the supernatural, as well as the horror and gothic genres.  Her co-host for the interview, which was released in four parts, was ritual magician and author Jon Kaneko-James, founder and lead tourguide at Boo! Tours who provide fascinated haunted walks around London.  Please do leave feedback on Youtube.  You can also find out more about Princess Dark Morte at the following links:

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Part I of IV – Growing up, Spirituality & the Paranormal

Part II of IV – Witchcraft, Paganism & Psychic Investigations

Part III of IV – Haunted Highgate and the Infamous ‘Vampire’

Part IV of IV – The Highgate Vampire & Witchtrial



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