Filmed Interviews


  • Frights and Delights with Princess Emma Dark Morte
  • Frights & Delights with Emma Dark

    IN JULY 2014 David Farrant was asked to give a filmed interview for Emma Dark’s Frights and Delights series.  Topics on the table included David’s early life and spiritual development, his experiences within Wicca and his thoughts on its origins, and of course – the dreaded Highgate ‘vampire’ – as well as some discussion about what makes Highgate such a special place.



  • In The Shadow Of The Highgate Vampire Interview 2012

    Redmond McWilliams, founder of the Highgate Cemetery Vampire Appreciation Society, interviews David Farrant, President of the British Psychic and Occult Society. Using questions contributed by members of his Facebook group, Redmond digs deep into David’s contemporary recollections of the explosion of supernatural activity in Highgate, North London, during the late 1960s and beyond.  This video is in 5 parts, and the playlist is linked to here.  The entire interview runs to nearly 3 hours however, so viewers may wish to watch it the individual uploads!



  • Demian Allen’s Paranormal World

    David Farrant is interviewed for cable TV by well known astrologer and psychic Demian Allen, about events in his past, including his involvement in psychic investigations that have been the subject of so much controversy. As discussed, some of these got ‘a bit out of hand’, with the influence of the media in the early 1970s and beyond. David also expounds upon the empathic understanding he had since childhood of areas of the paranormal and the realm of ‘ghosts’ and ‘spirits’, and into the unseen world in which these supposedly dwell.



  • First photo of David Farrabt by Dave Milner
  • In Search of The Highgate Vampire (1997)

    Shot in 1997, this film represents the first foray of the BPOS into independent film making. Directed and produced by BPOS stalwart Dave Milner in association with his then film company Darkhouse Productions, it rapidly became an underground cult classic through its distribution at ‘outsider’ outlets such as Forbidden Planet.  Conceived during an era when the Highgate Vampire Society was at full flourish, and attracting the creative talents of goth icons such as Dee Monique, it is unashamedly infused with the camp-gothic sensibility of the decade.



  • In Search of the Truth – with Gareth J. Medway (2009)

    Gareth J.Medway, author of the acclaimed ‘Lure of the Sinister’, goes in search of the truth, in this video interview with David Farrant. He deals with the true life events surrounding the Highgate Vampire case of the mid 1970′s with a no holds barred attitude.  Graveyard desecration, Satanism, Wicca, naked magical rituals, animal sacrifice and voodoo are discussed, as Gareth delves behind the headlines. David Farrant is put on the spot by Gareth’s line of questioning to tell once and for all what really happened and why.  Filmed and directed by Dave Milner for and on behalf of The British Psychic and Occult Society.