Film Finally Finito

The Yorkshire Robin Hood film is now finished . . . Yes, finito.  Its taken a lot of hard work but thanks to Della (yes, the REAL Della; not some  ‘astral projection’ as some old codger down on the south coast seems to think she is! – senile dementia mostly to blame!), it has been completed ahead of schedule.  The official release date as circulated in Press Releases (and elsewhere) is Tuesday May 8th, but this could even be Wednesday as a couple of technicalities still have to be taken care of.  Anyway, I’ll be posting the details up here in the next day or two, so just keep watching this space.

I can’t really release advance information about the film, as other people were involved in its making and getting a full consensus at this stage might delay the release date.  Anyway, there would seem little point in doing so, when people will be able to see the film ‘all in one go’ without adding rather silly ‘teasers’ which would only prolong its actual showing.  I can tell you, however, the film is about an hour in length and illustrated by many photographs and documents which helps to portray comparatively modern findings and activities surrounding the Robin Hood legend.  It will also be released on DVD for the benefit of those who might want to retain a hard collectors copy.  Details of the latter will also be released very shortly.  

Well, that’s really enough for today everyone.  Still have a couple of things to take care of in the light of the new film. I hope you will enjoy that anyway. I will leave you, however, with one of the stills taken from the film. Robin Hood’s Grave seems to have exuded its mysteries since Victorian times, as evidenced by this 19th engraving executed in a naïve mock-medieval style, photographed by historian David Hepworth in somewhat more modern times.  

For now everyone,


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