Can you believe how quickly time (material time) seems to go sometimes.  Just realised its almost Friday, and my last post was a good week ago. 

 Well, nothing much has happened in the meantime, except I’ve been doing a lot more work on the next book.

 Saw Jamie last Saturday, and Gareth, Patsy and Rick also came over.  We had a good night just talking and socialising generally, and, would you believe it, they all wanted to make a late-night drive up to Highgate Cemetery.  I stayed behind (having already seen more than enough of the place) but apparently they didn’t meet any ‘vampires’!  Or ‘giant spiders’!

 I’ve had a few emails and other requests asking me to post up a little more of the new book.  So much logged and done now, that I don’t think that would really matter.  But it will have to be tomorrow; too late to sort out any extracts now.

 Saw my friend Dave Milner again recently, and I told him I’d mentioned his name in connection the  2nd Vigil at the Ancient Ram Inn back in 2002.  He didn’t mind; in fact, he’d already read it here before I even told him! 

 So weather is warmer now (thankfully) and that enables me to walk about a little more freely now.  No more slipping on icy pavements, which was a bit of a nightmare while it lasted.

 I will sort out another short book extract tomorrow (with K’s full permission) so just  watch this space everyone.  The book itself should be ready for full release by October.

Well, better start thinking about some sleep soon – as usual, I’ve been awake far too long!

 So till a little later.


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