Its been fairly quiet.  Or rather I should say, I’ve been ‘slow’ (as usual!) in writing another Blog. 

 News?  Well, that Talk I mentioned before has now been scheduled for May, and as the weather should be warmer then, I really don’t mind doing that.  I just get ultra lazy in the cold weather.

 My dear friend Craig telephoned me very recently to give me news of his ‘working holiday’ and he seems glad to be back. He was transferred to another Computer Company abroad (better not say where or he’ll get upset!) and I don’t think he liked it much as he had to work too late!  They put curfews on getting back to the hotel, which I think rather spoiled his evening fun. Makes sense so really if you think about it – these multi million dollar Companies like their contracted employees to be ‘fresh’ for work each day!

 Went out this afternoon to get a few things.  Miserable and wet, but at least it wasn’t slippery.  Met a friend up the road who I had not seen for ages, so we went to talk and have some coffee.  But apart from that, things have been quiet. 

 I have marked the May Talk in my diary, so just watch for further details here. It is being filmed again which is why I don’t really want to give further details at present.

 But I found a picture of a Talk I gave in 2003, so thought I’d just post that to prove that ‘us witches’ can be pretty resilient when talking about Unworldly things, such as the paranormal!  But that’s more-or-less become routine now, and I don’t really mind it.  In fact, I’m really quite flattered when people keep inviting me.  Shows someone must be listening . . . somewhere!  Here is the Pic. anyway.

 For the moment,   David  (Farrant)

David Farrant Talk circa 2002
David Farrant Talk circa 2002

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