The “Evil Cabal” Bites Back


Hello everyone.  I joined in a 2-hour radio show on Sunday (May 29th) with Della on Steve Genier’s  “Evil Cabal Radio” (seriously, the name of this episode) with his other two presenters Alex (the ‘vampire’) Rondini and Zena Hagerty.  Another guest also invited was Gareth Davies of Mindset Central and the subject was basically ghosts and the paranormal and the emergence of numerous cults and sects (including the ‘darker’ and more ‘possessive’ ones).

These topics were obviously discussed in some detail but one that did cause great amusement was the actual name of the broadcast, “The Evil Cabal”.  Everyone was all in howls of laughter (especially Zena Hagerty) at the concept that we were all potentially ‘evil’, and I had to clarify that this was only a title given to us by a certain individual who posted on the Internet under a variety of false aliases; that anybody who dared to associate with one David Farrant (let alone be a friend of his) must be ‘evil’.  This person had asserted that this was because that I (David Farrant) was ‘demonically possessed’ and that he had invited myself to be ‘exorcised’ by full members of his group to be exorcised (by the same group) at his at his small bungalow home in Bournemouth.  This occurred in 2008 and this person had asserted privately that one of the conditions was that this must be completely without ‘any publicity’.

Fair enough, except for one thing . . . the person had made this personal challenged to myself via a local North London newspaper (which again, evoked more peals of laughter!).

The show is now in the archives on New Visions Radio, but the link to the link is a little difficult to follow as it only takes you to the main New Visions page.

The link to this however is . . .

Once there, go to ‘shows’ on the left,  then to “Nocturnal Frequency Radio” and then select ‘Season 8’ at the bottom.

Then scroll down to about the middle, and select “Evil Cabal Radio”, then play.

Enjoy everyone!


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